The Tiger Consultant

Deal Facilitation & Problem Solving

The Tiger Consultant and his associates' main focus is on global Military, Political and Business strategies. The Tiger is known widely for his unique ability to facilitate deals and solve complex problems pertaining to security, technology and negotiations to the markets listed above. His ability to see and look into a broad range of outcomes gives him an edge in these areas. Specifically sought after for high-level projects globally, his skills are an immediate and vital asset to any team or project he selects. His professionalism is only matched by his discretion.

Retaining Our Services

Projects are taken on a case by case basis and our initial review of projects are based on the information submitted in the form below. To ensure your project is given full consideration during our review, it is essential to thoroughly complete the form below. If there is an interest from us on your project, an Agent will be in contact with you to discuss details. 

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